3 Special Things

Today we are launching Velce’s blog, our new website and our third piece, the Velce Active Stool, that we are so excited to share with you after almost two years of development.

Inspired by the way children sit and believing that there is a need for more aesthetically appealing ergonomic seating options, the Velce Active Stool is made from sustainable timber with a brass insignia and has a curved base that allows healthy posture and gentle movement while seated. 

The piece is being launched at Denfair today, where it was selected to represent NSW Design as part of the Front Centre exhibit running 8th to 10th of June. It will also be on exhibit in Melbourne at Vivid Decor + Design Thursday 20th to the 23rd of July, and is a finalist in the Clarence Prize for Excellence in Furniture Design 20th to 22nd of August in Hobart.

Know more – Velce Active Stool.

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