Sitting and Seating

We have spent the last few years researching sitting and seating with one of our most interesting discoveries being that despite the growing opinion that traditional seating can have negative effects on our health, ergonomic seating is scarcely being adopted, even less so beyond the office environment. Our study and research suggested that one of the main reasons for this is a perception of ergonomic seating being office-like, bulky, heavy and not aesthetically pleasing. And so our intention became to create a seating option that would complement everyday living spaces while improving wellbeing.

The Velce Active Stool has a curved base that allows you to rock forward in order to find the natural curvature of the spine and from this base position encourages gentle movement - inspired by children who innately rock onto the two front legs of their chairs, instinctively trying to maintain healthy posture and keep in movement. The Stool allows movement side to side, forward and back, diagonally and even twisting while seated.

We want our human-made world that is designed by us to also be designed for us.

Let us know what you think of the Velce Active Stool!

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