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Velce Wooden Racquets Pequenina {kids}

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Children just want to play - Velce's Pequenina Racquets are a smaller and lighter version of Velce's original racquets to play a cooperative form of outdoor tennis, ideal for children aged between 5 to 13.



Exercises the heart, improves concentration, motor control and reflexes and will give you a nice dose of endorphins. The fresh air and time spent outside while you play will also boost your immune system and energise you



While the game isn't yet too popular in Australia (where we live), and doesn't that we know of have a name in English, it can be traced around the world from Brazil’s Frescobol, to Matkot in Israel and Racchettoni in Italy.



Games and playful forms of movement hold a special place in society, improving health and creating more community.



Traditional - A duo bounces the ball to and fro, keeping the ball in the air for as long as they can. To do this one hits the ball to their partner's racquet, and waits for their partner to do the same, but remembering this doesn’t always go to plan so being ready to run a little.

Duos - Two or more duos record for how long the ball can be kept in the air to discover which duo plays the longest.

Fast - Two or more duos record how many hits are made over 3 minutes to discover which duo plays the fastest.

Turns - Three people take turns to play, the watching person judges why the ball fell to the ground and who was at fault and then replaces that person.



Each racquet is handcrafted by us in Velce’s workshop in Sydney.

We choose to use sustainable woods and polish our pieces with environmentally friendly oils and waxes.



- Solid Wood: Walnut (dark colour) / Rock Maple (light colour)
- Wilson cushioned rubber grip 

- Leather hanger

- 2 different speed Dunlop balls included in each purchase

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