Instructions - Velce Active Stool


1.  With your feet well grounded and your legs at least hip distance apart take a seat.

2.  Keep the feet forward of the knees as you allow your body weight to rock forward with the stool finding the spine’s natural and healthy ’s’ shape. Children innately rock forward in their chairs to do exactly this.

3.  From this base one can can find gentle movement by rocking side-to-side, forward and back, and even twisting.



If you haven't used an active stool before or recently your body may need some conditioning for the stool to feel comfortable. Not only does active sitting require muscular effort it also requires balance. To give the body the time to develop the required muscles and balance you may like to start using the stool gradually. Twenty minutes is a good amount of time to start with per day before increasing this in twenty minute increments every few days until it's the only chair that you feel comfortable sitting on!