Velce Active Stool

An elegant ergonomic stool with a curved base to allow healthy posture and more freedom of movement. 


 How it works
The Velce’s active stool moves with the body and supports its movements – this allow us to tilt forward to find a better and more natural way to sit. From this base position we can find gentle movement by rocking side-to-side, forward and back, and even twisting.


 Our inspiration
Children innately rock on the front legs of their chairs, balancing over it exactly to find a more natural way to sit and fidget. Observing that we designed the Velce’s active stool curved base to make this work fluid and smooth and bring this to the adult world.


Health Benefits
Active Sitting strengthens the body, eases pain and tension, relieves stress, focuses the mind, enhances circulation, burns calories and improves balance.


> Most of us spend more than 9 hours per day sitting.
> 95% of people from industrialised countries suffer from back pain
> Most of us spend more than 9 hours per day sitting.
Our mission 
Researches suggested that a significant barrier to the wider adoption of ergonomic furniture to date has been aesthetics, so we set out to make the most elegant active ergonomic seat. 
Handcrafted by us
The Velce Active Stool is designed and handcrafted by us, Anna & Ricardo, at our workshop in Sydney. We love the process and we love the result.
Beautiful timbers with a brass touch. The stools top are made from hardwood, the legs from laminated Birch – to give a very strong structure – and the Velce’s brass insignia cast by a local Sydney jeweller. All timbers we use are sustainable and the piece is sealed with an environmentally friendly oil and wax concoction.

 Custom made
Would you like a different timber or size? Just let us know. 

{ Standard model is Shipped within 4 weeks }