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Gravity Dumbbells by Studio.Mckeon

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A sculptural piece of health equipment.



It’s only human that what we see, particularly if we find it beautiful, we are more likely to remember and feel affinity towards. So, we believe that dumbbells shouldn’t be hidden in the garage or under our beds.



‘Interestingly, we are the only species on earth manufacturing precise tools with which to feel and challenge gravity.’



Our bodies and minds are made healthier as our muscles push, pull and twist against gravity:

- Improved bone density 
- Tones muscles
- Enhanced cognitive function
- Cardiovascular health
- Increased productivity
- Improved overall mood
- Improved metabolism
- Longer life expectancy



Gravity Dumbbells, handcrafted in Sydney, are made from stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish. The design is soft and organic, inspired by the shapes of our bones and tissues which transition smoothly from one point to another.



Humans seek to calculate gravity and collectively express measures of gravity in specified units, Gravity Dumbbells are measured in kilograms.



{ 10kg •  7.5kg  •  5kg  •  2.25kg  •  1.25kg }


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