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Nude Movement by Aleta Lederwasch - Fine Art Print

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Signed fine art prints of Nude Movement (2015).

Aleta conveys the delicate intricacy and the raw strength of the human body in this figurative work. As we move through space we so rarely see ourselves or others unclothed. As we view this work not only does it create in us a greater sense of connectedness with the body, but is also an admiration for the body, as Leonardo da Vinci wrote, as a work of engineering and art. 



My practice is a visual meditation to me – I work from life and poses usually range from five to thirty minutes. This short time frame allows for little thinking; it encourages an immediate response to the model, guided by intuition. I add paint later and this process is different – I invite the figures to tell me their story, and often imagine and paint them into natural environments such as rocks, trees, water, mountains and forest. This woman, however, didn't seem to ask for much, hence a gentle and simple colour palette. She appears content in her existence here - seemingly enjoying a gentle arm and leg stretch. 


* Artwork comes unframed

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