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Urban Chaos by Josafá Neves - Oil on Canvas

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Our first piece of art was from artist Josafá Neves whose work seeks to understand the indifferences in our world - Urban Chaos (2011)

Ingenuous people look to us as if asking: do you realise what you are doing to the world? 

Urban Chaos shows the strength of progress proudly present in the sultry metropolis, challenged by the expressive looks of unsatisfied consciousnesses waiting for the awareness of progression’s agents. The presence of a bicycle is unexpected – a symbol of congruence between both worlds – a materialisation of the concept of preservation of the urban common space.

The work of artist Josafá Neves has the striking characteristic of his colour palette being painted upon a canvas he has previously made black. “What lightens the dark are common people that Josafa elevates into mystical and mythological figures and introduces to us in our raw realities” wrote Bené Fonteles, curator of the National Museum of the Republic, in Brazil.


* Artwork comes unframed, illustrative image.

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