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Velce Active Stool Pequenino {kids}

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With the Stool's concept* being inspired by children it only seemed right to create a size that children could use.

*Children often innately rock onto the two front legs of their chairs, instinctively looking to maintain the natural curvature of the spine and find more movement. 

The Stool has a curved base that encourages healthy posture and gives more freedom of movement while seated by allowing one to lean forward to find the lower back’s curve and moving as the body moves – copying and supporting the body's movements. 

To better understand how to use the Velce Active Stool please read its' instructions



+ Strengthens the body, particularly the core

+ Burns calories

+ Eases muscle pain and tension

+ Relieves stress and anxiety

+ Enhances circulation

+ Improves balance

+ Improves focus and concentration 



The Velce Active Stool is designed and handcrafted by us at our workshop in Sydney with attention to quality and detail. 

With the stool's top being made from hardwoods, each piece will have its own character. The top is complemented with an inlay and stool's legs are made from a premium Birch Plywood. All of the timbers we use a sustainably sourced and the piece is sealed with an environmentally friendly oil and wax concoction. As a final touch the stool receives a brass insignia cast by a local Sydney jeweller.

We also make bespoke pieces in different sizes and timbers - please write to us if you're interested. 

{ Shipped within 4 weeks }