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Velce Bicycle Pedestal

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The Pedestal is an indoor piece of furniture, a minimalistic wooden curve on which to rest your bike. The piece brings the bicycle closer inspiring its use as a pleasurable way to move and also revolutionise transportation.

Launched in 2016 it has since won a number of awards, including from the Australian Furniture Association, and been exhibited nationally and internationally. 

Each Pedestal is numbered - handcrafted at our workshop in Sydney, Australia. Made from natural timbers every piece has its own character. Composed of 15 layers of Hoop Pine and faced with Walnut veneer and sealed with a natural oil and wax concoction. 

A discrete brass insignia cast by a local Sydney jeweller is set into the wood as a final touch.

A custom made piece* - to fit the most common types of wheels and tyres of road bikes and bikes that use 700 (622 mm) wheels with a rim profile up to 32mm deep and tyres from 23C to 28C**. If your bike use a deeper rim we do have the AERO bespoke model which may suit your bike. Please contact us for more details.

{ Shipped within 4 weeks of receiving payment. }

Each bicycle with its singularity may work in both or just one of these possibilities:

* When we receive your order we will email you to ask some questions about your bicycle to customise your Pedestal.

** Unusual spoke distribution or uneven dished front disc wheels may not fit.

If you are unsure if the Pedestal fits your bicycle or if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

We also make bespoke Pedestals if you would like a particular wood or colour.

Can be found at

Chainsmith Cycling Sydney, Australia.