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Velce Bicycle Shelf

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The Velce Bicycle Shelf is a place to rest your bike while it waits for its next ride.

Inspired by our increasingly urban lives - living in smaller spaces and in cities were cycling is an increasingly appealing transport option - the Shelf highlights the bicycle as being as much an object of beauty as it is functional. 

The minimalistic curve combines wood, felt and brass. Made from natural timbers every piece has its own character - the curve is composed from 9 core layers of Hoop Pine, faced with Walnut veneer and sealed with a natural oil and wax concoction. A bed is then engraved and lined with soft felt* on which the frame rests. Finally a discrete brass insignia cast by a local Sydney jeweller is set into the wood. 

We also make bespoke Shelves if you would like a particular wood or colour; and the *felt can be exchanged for other materials such as leather. 

Can be found at

Chainsmith Cycling Sydney, Australia.